MIE-History of Mathematics and Informatics

Welcome in the course of History of Mathematics and Informatics 2018 – 2019:

Preliminary programme:

  1. October 3rd: Ancient Mathematics and Technology
  2. October 10th: Hellenistic Mathematics
  3. October 17th: Origin of the Calculus of Variation: Archimedes Results to Gauss
  4. October 24th: The Renaissance Personalities I: Leonardo da Vinci
    vinci1_17, Albrecht Duerer
  5. October 31st:  Computer for Johannes Kepler? William Schickardt: Calculating Clock Comput2_17
  6. November 7th:
    The Lecture is cancelled
  7. November 14th:
  8. November 21nd:
    Joseph  Stepling and  New Science in the 18th  Century Stepling_D_17
  9. November 28th
  10. December 5th
  11. December 12th Origins17
  12. December 19th Baroque architecture
  13. January 2nd