History of Technology

The programme of the course
of History of Technology for the year 2017/2018

  1. October, 3    Introduction – Ancient Tradition
  2. October, 10  Development of of Ancient Technology and Mathematics. History of the Czech Technical University in Prague
    History CTU
    Significant personalities: Christian Willenberg, Johann Ferdinand Schor,  Franz Anton Herget, Franz Joseph Gerstner,  etc.
  4. October 24  Perpetuum mobile PM1_17   2nd part PM3_17 
  5. October 31 Significant renaissance personalities – Leonardo da Vinci,  vinci1_17  Albrecht Duerer   Durer17
  6. November 7 William Schickard Calculator for Johannes Kepler Comput2_D_17
  7. November 14 Wheels Wheels_D_17  Prague astronomical clock
  8. November  21 Mathematics and physics in late baroque Prague – Joseph Stepling (1716 – 1778) Stepling_D_17
  9. November 28 Nikola Tesla and Prague Tesla_A_17
                           First steps in History of Computing in the Czechoslovakia  SZlecture17
  10. December 5 Albert Einstein in Prague, 1911-1912 AE17
  11. December 12
  12. December 19

The list of accepted titles of essays in the Winter Semester 2017/2018:

  1. Shivang Jha: Speedmeters
  2. Vivek Choudhary: The Wright Brothers
  3. D. Hirushan G. Perera Ganegama Vilhanage: The Studies of Johannes Kepler
  4. Ilya Davydov: The Use of Steam in Industry
  5. Alex Martín Pérez: Galileo Galilei – Helicentrism
  6. Faisal Osama Omar Al-Rayes: (Odometer)  Superchargers
  7. Fabian Winterfeldt: History of Automotive Engineering
  8. Nikita Zhdankin: History of Radio/Radiobroadcasting
  9. Jennifer Nutter: MRI Technology
  10. Anat Tewari: The Ancient Indian Technologies
  11. Frank Chicko: History of Automation
  12. Gros-Coissy Quentin: History of Aviation
  13. Colleen Pouliot: Evolution of Prosthetics
  14. Chris Bendix: History of Turing Machines
  15. Victor Freyssinet: History of X-ray
  16. Nick Sabatelli: History of Horology/Timekeeping Technology
  17. Emma Merlino: The evolution of pacemakers
  18. Brett Mayville: A  Development of Guitar Production
  19. Daniel Asselin: History of Wave Energy
  20. Madeleine Miller: History of Space Exploration Technology
  21. Jack Beaty: The Evolution of 3D-Printing
  22. Andrew Wojtowicz: The Coffee Process: From Green Bean to Liquid Coffee
  23. Zachary Nislick: The Evolution of Power Plants
  24. Jasper Scholten: History of Elektricity
  25. Joost ten Brucke: History of Nuclear Energy
  26. Connor Mulvey: The History of the Dark Web
  27. Lalit Suthax: Water Managements Systems
  28. Chintan Dholyia: History of Solar Energy  
  29. Vladislav Rytov: Roads during Industrial Revolution
  30. Octavio Linares: History of Robotics
  31. Berkehan Merden: Tesla – Scientist
  32. Chovatiya Brijesh Damjibhai: History of Wind Energy
  33. Prashant Narshi Hodar: History of Perpetual Motion Machines
  34. Kashyap Suyash: Evolution of Electric Cars
  35. Deepika: Mass and Energy Relation
  36. Gaurav Singh: History of Bionics
  37. Parekh Vivek: Innovation of Vehicles
  38. Vinod: History of Theory of Relativity
  39. Md Tarequl Islam: History of Rolling Steel Mill
  40. Simon Jahan: History of Artificial Intelligence
  41. Sahil Baksh: History of paper currency and printing press