History of Technology

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Thursday January 10 at 10 o’clock

Thursday January 24 at 10 o’clock.


Today lecture November 30 is cancelled  (for illness)


The programme of the course
of History of Technology for the year 2018/2019

  1. October, 5    Introduction – Ancient Tradition
  2. October, 12  Development of of Ancient Technology and Mathematics.
                        History of the Czech Technical University in Prague
                        History CTU
    Significant personalities: Christian Willenberg, Johann Ferdinand Schor,  Franz Anton Herget, Franz Joseph Gerstner,  etc.
  3. October, 19 Perpetuum mobile  PM1_17   2nd part PM3_17
  4. October, 26  Prague astronomical clock HKclock-D-17  
  5. November, 2  Significant renaissance personalities – Leonardo da Vinci,  vinci1_17  Albrecht Duerer   Durer17
  6. November, 9 .Mathematics and physics in late baroque Prague – Joseph Stepling (1716 – 1778) Stepling_D_17
  7. November, 16 William Schickard Calculator for Johannes Kepler Comput2_D_17
  8. November, 23  First steps in History of Computing in the Czechoslovakia  SZlecture17
  9. November, 30  THE LECTURE IS CANCELLED.
  10. December, 7 Geometry and Barock Architecture
  11. December, 14 Nikola Tesla and Prague Tesla_A_17
  12. January, 4  Albert Einstein in Prague, 1911-1912 AE1


The list of accepted titles of essays in the Winter Semester 2018/2019:

  1. Hussein Mostaba: History of Automation
  2. Artoms Ohrimenko: History and Development of internal Combustion Engine
  3. Pasnjidt Pald: History of Ceramic
  4. Harissh Lakshminava-Yanan: History of production Electricity
  5. Vishat Rani: History of weaponary
  6. Koung Htex Zan: Archimedes Inventions
  7. David Mateo Dubrovský: Evolution of Machinery to Cut Cloth
  8. Ali Mohamed Salíh Sadig: Innovation of Vehicles
  9. Santiago Muller: History of Dark Web
  10. MHD Kusay Nadar: History of Medical Technology
  11. Milan Luka Štavljanin: History of Nuclear Technology
  12. Ayken Kasenov: History of Photography
  13. Juan Gustavo Maldonado Quiste: Alan Turing and the Development of Informatics and Computers
  14. Darshil Pato: History of Aeroplanes
  15. Aleksander Mahrbash: History of Programming Languages
  16. Tomasz Bialobrecski: History of CAD Systems
  17. Yihang Wang: History of Fluid Mechanics
  18. Hussein Akram: History of Electric Motors
  19. Yang Jun Hao: History of Astronomical Instruments
  20. Lucie Scholleová: Technology in Medical Treatment


The list of accepted titles of essays in the Winter Semester 2017/2018:

  1. Shivang Jha: Speedmeters
  2. Vivek Choudhary: The Wright Brothers
  3. D. Hirushan G. Perera Ganegama Vilhanage: The Studies of Johannes Kepler
  4. Ilya Davydov: The Use of Steam in Industry
  5. Alex Martín Pérez: Galileo Galilei – Helicentrism
  6. Faisal Osama Omar Al-Rayes: (Odometer)  Superchargers
  7. Fabian Winterfeldt: History of Automotive Engineering
  8. Nikita Zhdankin: History of Radio/Radiobroadcasting
  9. Jennifer Nutter: MRI Technology
  10. Anat Tewari: The Ancient Indian Technologies
  11. Frank Chicko: History of Automation
  12. Gros-Coissy Quentin: History of Aviation
  13. Colleen Pouliot: Evolution of Prosthetics
  14. Chris Bendix: History of Turing Machines
  15. Victor Freyssinet: History of X-ray
  16. Nick Sabatelli: History of Horology/Timekeeping Technology
  17. Emma Merlino: The evolution of pacemakers
  18. Brett Mayville: A  Development of Guitar Production
  19. Daniel Asselin: History of Wave Energy
  20. Madeleine Miller: History of Space Exploration Technology
  21. Jack Beaty: The Evolution of 3D-Printing
  22. Andrew Wojtowicz: The Coffee Process: From Green Bean to Liquid Coffee
  23. Zachary Nislick: The Evolution of Power Plants
  24. Jasper Scholten: History of Elektricity
  25. Joost ten Brucke: History of Nuclear Energy
  26. Connor Mulvey: The History of the Dark Web
  27. Lalit Suthax: Water Managements Systems
  28. Chintan Dholyia: History of Solar Energy  
  29. Vladislav Rytov: Roads during Industrial Revolution
  30. Octavio Linares: History of Robotics
  31. Berkehan Merden: Tesla – Scientist
  32. Chovatiya Brijesh Damjibhai: History of Wind Energy
  33. Prashant Narshi Hodar: History of Perpetual Motion Machines
  34. Kashyap Suyash: Evolution of Electric Cars
  35. Deepika: Mass and Energy Relation
  36. Gaurav Singh: History of Bionics
  37. Parekh Vivek: Innovation of Vehicles
  38. Vinod: History of Theory of Relativity
  39. Md Tarequl Islam: History of Rolling Steel Mill
  40. Simon Jahan: History of Artificial Intelligence
  41. Sahil Baksh: History of paper currency and printing press