History of Technology

The programme of the course
of History of Technology for the year 2017/2018

  1. October, 3    Introduction – Ancient Tradition
  2. October, 10  Development of of Ancient Technology and Mathematics. History of the Czech Technical University in Prague
    History CTU
    Significant personalities: Christian Willenberg, Johann Ferdinand Schor,  Franz Anton Herget, Franz Joseph Gerstner,  etc.
  4. October 24  Perpetuum mobile
  5. October 31
  6. November 7
  7. November 14
  8. November  21
  9. November 28
  10. December 5
  11. December 12
  12. December 19

The list of accepted titles of essays in the Winter Semester 2017/2018:

  1. Shivang Jha: Speedmeters
  2. Vivek Choudhary: The Wright Brothers
  3. D. Hirushan G. Perera Ganegama Vilhanage: The Studies of Johannes Kepler
  4. Ilya Davydov: The Use of Steam in Industry
  5. Alex Martín Pérez: Galileo Galilei – Helicentrism
  6. Faisal Osama Omar Al-Rayes: (Odometer)  Superchargers
  7. Fabian Winterfeldt: History of Automotive Engineering
  8. Nikita Zhdankin: History of Radio/Radiobroadcasting
  9. Jennifer Nutter: MRI Technology
  10. Anat Tewari: The Ancient Indian Technologies
  11. Frank Chicko: History of Automation
  12. Gros-Coissy Quentin: History of Aviation
  13. Colleen Pouliot: Evolution of Prosthetics
  14. Chris Bendix: History of Turing Machines
  15. Victor Freyssinet: History of X-ray
  16. Nick Sabatelli: History of Horology/Timekeeping Technology
  17. Emma Merlino: History of Biomedical Engineering
  18. Brett Mayville: A  Development of Guitar Production
  19. Daniel Asselin: History of Wave Energy
  20. Madeleine Miller: History of Space Exploration Technology
  21. Jack Beaty: The Evolution of 3D-Printing
  22. Andrew Wojtowicz: The Coffee Process: From Green Bean to Liquid Coffee
  23. Zachary Nislick: The Evolution of Power Plants
  24. Jasper Scholten: History of Elektricity
  25. Joost ten Brucke: History of Nuclear Energy
  26. Connor Mulvey: History of the Internet
  27. Lalit Suthax: Water Managements Systems
  28. Chintan Dholyia: History of Solar Energy  
  29. Vladislav Rytov: Roads during Industrial Revolution
  30. Octavio Linares: History of Robotics
  31. Berkehan Merden: Tesla – Scientist
  32. Chovatiya Brijesh Damjibhai: History of Wind Energy
  33. Prashant Narshi Hodar: History of Perpetual Motion Machines
  34. Kashyap Suyash: Evolution of Electric Cars
  35. Deepika: Mass and Energy Relation
  36. Gaurav Singh: History of Bionics
  37. Parekh Vivek: Innovation of Vehicles
  38. Vinod: History of Theory of Relativity
  39. Md Tarequl Islam: History of Rolling Steel Mill



Lectures in the Winter Semester 2016/2017

  • October, 5th – 1st lecture Introduction
  • October, 12th – 2nd lecture Ancient tradition
  • October, 19th – 3rd lecture – Development of Ancient Technology
  • October, 26th – 4th lecture – Origins of Calculus of Variations origins16
  • November, 2nd – 5th lecture – Perpetuum mobile I, II
  • November 9th – 6th lecture –  Old Calculating Machines – Schickard’s Calculating Clock for Johannes                                                         Kepler, 1623
  • November 16th – 7th lecture  –
    • Renaissance and Technology: Significant Personalities of Renaissance: Leonardo da Vinci1, Albrecht  Duerer etc.
  • November 23rd – 8th lecture –Old Calculating Machines – 
    •  Pascaline 1642, Napier Bones 1617, Leibniz 
  • November 30th – 9th lecture –
    • History of Wheel  
    • History of the Czech Technical University in Prague History CTU Significant personalities: Christian Willenberg, Johann Ferdinand Schor,  Franz Anton Herget, Franz Joseph Gerstner,  etc.
  • December 7th – 10th lecture
    • Christian Doppler
    • Nicola Tesla 
  • December 14th – 11th lecture
  • December 21th – 12th lecture – Exams – Student’s Essays
  • January 4th – 13th lecture
  • January 11th – 14th lecture

The list of accepted titles of essays:

  1. Matt Reinhardt: Origin and Uses of Rope
  2. Emily Jennings: History of Sailing
  3. Justin Alejes: The Shape of the Earth
  4. Gianca Mielke: History of Catapults and Trebuchets
  5. Kevin Pollio: Development of Automobils
  6. Karen Denis Garcia: History of Solar Technology
  7. Faran Elat: Automobile Revolution (?)
  8. Hippolyte Hacquard:  Nicola Tesla
  9. Sami Iradi: Infuence of Leonardo da Vinci
  10. Andrei Eduard Ungureanu: The Internal Combustion Engine
  11. Hadeel Atavah: Johannes Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion
  12. Kengo Nagashima: Antikythera mechanism
  13. Tuone Tolonen: The Development of the Atomic Bomb
  14. Mark Marzotto: Development of the Calculator
  15. Kendrick Engouindi: History of Kepler (spacecraft)
  16. Omar Allam: History of Technology in Ancient Egypt
  17. Oleksandr Khudokarmov: Evolution of the Light Source/History of the Light Bulb
  18. Sami Iradi: Influence of Leonardo da Vinci
  19. Swantje Münch: History of Nanotechnology
  20. Matthias Diekhoff: History of SI Units
  21. Steve Sunil: Renowned Greek mathematicians and their Influence in History
  22. Arjun Anil:  History of Flight/Aviation
  23. Arban Ahmed: Influence of Srinivasa Ramanujan
  24. Amit Breihmbhatt: History of Ceramics and Ceramics Technology
  25. Patel Smit: Works of Varahamihira and Bhaskara II. Indian Discoveries in the Field of Mathematics
  26. Panehal Kishankumar: Brahmagupta and Sripati and Their Works
  27. Mahmud  Abdullah Al: History of Taj Mohol
  28. Aim Md Samiul: History of Process System Engineering
  29. Mohammed Anas Hathif: History and Working Cyklotron
  30. Rehmat ullah Usman ullah: Leonardo Da Vinci-The Genius.
  31. Molla Md Ashikuzzaman: History of „Internet“
  32. Victor Dahmén:  The Development of the Printing Press
  33. Karim Khaled: The Invention of Time
  34. Sihug Amit: History of Telescope
  35. Muhammad Suleman: Benjamin Franklin
  36. Ukë Gashi: Clocks: History and development
  37. Faran Elat: History of Internal Combustion Engines
  38. Hussameldin Mustafa Khider Hussain:  Apple inc. Steve Jobs  
  39. Nihal Mohammed Kannanari: Wireless Technology
  40. Tariq Yazich Hamadneh: Archimedes
  41. Stuart Kern: Nuclear reactors
  42. Masood Ahmed: History of Communications
  43. Karen Dennis García Domínguez:  History of solar energy .
  44. Mayur Sharma: Defence technology and space research by Indian scientist APJ ABDUL KALAM.
  45.  Fahad Bin Ahmed: History of Indus Valley Civilization 
  46. Karunanayakage Saradha Tharusha De Silva: Importance of Steam Engines.
  47. Ghaith Almasri: Wireless Technology
  48. Sidharth Mishra: History of Egyptian Mathematics.


The Preliminary Plan of Lectures for Winter Semester 2014/2015

      • September 22th: 1st Lecture 
        • Ancient Times and Technology  AncGr13
        • Significant Personalities – Archimedes, Hero of Alexandria
      • September 29th: 2nd Lecture
        •  Hellenistic mathematics and Technology,  Helenastromat13
        • Fine Instruments and Measuring of Time and Angles  TimeM_13
      • October 6th: 3rd Lecture
        • History of the Czech Technical University in Prague History CTU
        • Significant personalities: Christian Willenberg, Johann Ferdinand Schor,  Franz Anton Herget, Franz Joseph Gerstner, Christian Doppler etc.
      • October 13th: 4th Lecture           Perpetuum mobile | Perpetuum mobile I, Perpetuum mobile II
      • October 20th: 5th Lecture
        • Origin of Calculus of Variations Origins13
      •  October 27th: 6th Lecture 
        • Old Calculating Machines Schickard’s Machine, 1623, Napier Bones, Pascaline,         Leibniz Machine Comput2
      • November 3rd: 7th Lecture
        • Renaissance and Technology: Significant Personalities of Renaissance: Leonardo da Vinci1, Albrecht  Duerer etc.
      •  November 10th: 8th Lecture
      • November 17th: The lecture is cancelled.
      • November 24th: 9th Lecture
        • Nikola Tesla and His Inventions Tesla_A
      • December 1st: 10th Lecture
      • December 8th: 11th Lecture
        • History of Wheels, Mechanical Constructions in Middle Age
        • Construction of Bridge
      • December 15th: 12th Lecture cancelled  – Exams
        • History and Application of Graph Theory in Technology
        • Application of Number Theory in Technology


    • Next possible titles: Astronomical clock in Prague and Genial  Ideas in the Construction  Astroclock Chinas Inventions and Instruments