BIE-History of Mathematics and Informatics

Welcome in the course History of Mathematics and Informatics –
Sommer Semester 2020/2021!

We will start our course with the Introductory Lecture on Wednesday February,17, 2021 at  9:15 on-line with hepl of the Microsoft Teams.

I am looking forward to our meeting, bye,,

Alena Šolcová, Associate  Professor, Dept of Applied of Mathematics


Please, consider a topic of your seminary essay
and send me your suggestion for acknowledgement.
Best regards in this difficult times,
Alena Šolcová

The length of yours Seminary Essay will be about 5 pages. The most important is  detailed description of (for you and for other students) interesting topic. Don’t forgot quotations of used sources (literature and webpages).

List of Accepted  Topics of Essayes  2021



___________________________________________________________Examples  of Accepted  Topics of Essayes  2020 for your Inspiration

  1. Ege Kayra Akten: Golden Ratio and It’s History.
  2. Abdullah Abdullah: Patterns in Pascal´s Triangle.
  3. Leonid Burbygin: History of Development of Fractals and their Usage.

Preliminary Programme of Lectures 

1st lecture – February 17, 2021 –  Introduction to the course AncGr18








2nd lecture – February 24, 2021 –
Pythagorean mathematics – primes,, perfect numbers, amicable numbers, figural numbers
Numeration – Babylonian, Egytian and Greek – Ionian – examples 
Hellenistic Mathematics – introduction – Archimedes 

3rd lecture – March 3th, 2021
Rennaissance Mathematics – Significant Personalities – Leonardo da Vinci and his Inventions –  vinci1_18 – Vinci’s Life, Inventions, Vitruvian Man, Divine Proportion, Robotic Knight  

4th lecture – March 10th, 2021
First Mechanical Calculators – William Schickard, 1623, Calculating Clock 
Napier Bones 1617, Rabdologiae –  Blaise Pascal, 1642, Pascaline – Comput2_18 

5th lecture – March 17, 2021
History of Czech Technical University

6th lecture – March 24, 2021
Development of Logic to Fuzzy Ideas

7th lecture – March 31, 2021
Origins of the Calculus of Variations

8th lecture – April 7, 2021
Chinese Mathematics and Astronomy

9th lecture – April 14, 2021
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
Geometry of Barock Architecture

10th Lecture – April 21, 2021
First steps in History of Computing in the Czechoslovakia

11th Lecture – April 28, 2021
Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943)
Albert Einstein in Prague

12th Lecture – May 5, 2020
Examples of Students Essays

13th Lecture – May 12, 2021 lecture is calncelled
(This Wednesday is as the Rector’s Day )