BIE-History of Mathematics and Informatics

Welcome in the course History of Mathematics and Informatics –
Sommer Semester 2023/2024!

We will start our course
with the Introductory Lecture on Thursday February, 29, 2024 at  9:15
in the room A942.
I am looking forward to our meeting, bye.


Alena Šolcová, Associate  Professor, Dept of Applied of Mathematics



Please, consider a topic of your seminary essay
and send me your suggestion for its confirmation
before March, 21, 2024.

                                                                                          Alena Šolcová

The length of yours Seminary Essay will be about 5 pages. The most important is  detailed description of (for you and for other students) interesting topic. Don’t forgot quotations of used sources (literature and webpages).

List of Accepted  Topics of Essayes  _ 2024: 



Preliminary Programme of Lectures 

1st lecture – February 29, 2024
Introduction to the course AncGr18
History of Czech Technical University



List of Accepted  Topics of Essayes  _ 2023 for your Inspiration: 

[01] Li, Yiqing: History of Population Census.
[02] Dinova, Sandra: All about Algebra (A Historical Review).
[03] Lillich, Nathan: History of Computers and AI in Chess.
[04] Diner, Omer: Mathematics in Ancient Egypt.
[05] Mouat, Jorge: The Importance of Astronomical Clock.
[06] Sergeev, Danil: Mathematical probabilities in Gambling.
[07] Bhutani, Manya Kaur: The Philosophy of mathematics (A Review). 
[08] Jha, Sachin Kumar: Trigonometry in the past and nowadays
[09] Shadakh, Konstantin: History of Cryptography and Cryptoanalysis.
[10] Celik, Talha: Mathematics in Ancient China.
[11] Ibrahimaj, Morea: The FFT Revolution: A Historical Perspective on the Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm.
[12] Guliyev, Akit: The history of mathematical notation and symbols.
[13] Borovyk, Yaroslav: The origins and evolution of computer programming languages.
[14] Yakunin, Oleksandr: The legacy of Pythagoras and Euclid.

List of Accepted  Topics of Essayes  2021 – 2022 for Your Inspiration: 

[01] Lenard, Faustin: Transport Network Analysis in Urban Area with Graph Theory.
[02] Petukhov, Victor: Fundamental Discoveries in the Theory of Prime Numbers.

List of Accepted  Topics of Essayes  2021

[1] Bukacova, Veronika Zoe::The History of the Metric and Imperial System of Measurement.
[2] Kather Basha, Mohamed Umar: History of Magic Squares.
[3] Liutov, Mykhailo: History of Kryptology.
[4] Kiziltas, Gunes Irem: Ada Lovelace  – the First Programmer and Excellent Mathematician.
[5] Kang, Hyeouli: The Antikythera Mechanism.
[6] Ryabukhin, Ilya: Augmented and Virtual Reality: History, Examples and Risks of Enterprise Use.
[7] Mammadi, Murad: Lofti Zadeh and his Concept of Fuzzy Mathematics.
[8] Sarigul, Ahmet Said: Famous Personality – Leonardo da Vinci.
[9] Sahin, Aycut: The History of Phaenomenon Fractal.
[10] Laptev,Andrey: Fibonacci Numbers
[11] Rizaeva, Stanslava: David Hilbert and 24th Problem.
[12] Sengul, Ali Ercu: René Descartes – His Life and Work.
[13] Sadiki
[14] Faustin, Yann: The Divine Proportion.
[15] Matsnev, Nikita: The History of Android OS.
[16] Bouhours, Antoine: The Study of the Gravitational Field, with Kepler’s Laws and Newton’s Laws, and the Applications in Everyday Life.
[17] Drobecq, Theo:The  Number PI, its History and the Methods How to Calculate It.
[18] Cetin, Deniz: Alan Turing the World War II codebreaker, his life and accomplishments.
[19] Basel, Samy Moh. Kamaldin Ilshanawany: The House of Wisdom.
[20] Fildan, Claudiu: The Global Positioning System and Its CivilianvUse Signals. 
[21] Gommet, Alexis: The Enigma and the Bombe.
[22] Malik, Rizhabh: History of Indian Mathematics.

Preliminary Programme of Lectures 

1st lecture – February 22, 2023 –  Introduction to the course AncGr18

History of Czech Technical University










 Tutorial 1 – February 23, 2023

2nd lecture – March 1, 2023 –
Pythagorean mathematics – primes,, perfect numbers, amicable numbers, figural numbers
Numeration – Babylonian, Egytian and Greek – Ionian – examples 
Hellenistic Mathematics – introduction – Archimedes 

3rd lecture – March 8, 2023

Prague Astronomical Clock – An Analytic Calculator from 15th Century

Tutorial 2 – March 9, 2023

 4th lecture – March 15, 2023

Origins of the Calculus of Variations  Origins21

5th lecture – March 22, 2023

Rennaissance Mathematics – Significant Personalities – Leonardo da Vinci and his Inventions –  vinci1_18 – Vinci’s Life, Inventions, Vitruvian Man, Divine Proportion, Robotic Knight  22
From Vinci to Albrecht  Duerer.

Tutorial 3 – March 23, 2023

6th lecture – March 29, 2023

First Mechanical Calculators – William Schickard, 1623, Calculating Clock
Napier Bones 1617, Rabdologiae –  Blaise Pascal, 1642, Pascaline – Comput2_18 

7th lecture –  April 5, 2023
Archtecture and Mathematics – Gothic Style
Geometry of Barock Architecture

Tutorial 4 – April 6, 2023

 8th lecture – April 12, 2023
18th Century
Newton in Prague in the work of Joseph Stepling
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz  – Universal Language  and Mechanical Calculator

9th lecture – April 19, 2023
Famous Scientists in Prague: Albert Einstein in Prague 1911-1912.
The significant teacher  of our Polytechnics Christian Doppler
and one of students –
Nikola Teslaof Polytechnic in Prague.

Tutorial 5. – April 20, 2023

10th Lecture – April 26, 2023

Giuseppe Peano and the Mathematical Induction.
Ramanujan – famous talented Mathematician and Number Theory. Godfrey H. Hardy and John Littlewood. Cooperation of Mathematician.

Giuseppe Peano and the Mathematical Induction.

11th Lecture – May 3, 2023

First steps in History of Computing in the Czechoslovakia

Tutorial 6. – May 4, 2023
Development of Logic to Fuzzy Ideas

12th Lecture – May 17, 2023 

Mathematics in the 20th a 21st Century. Math_20_21

Problems of Different Culture Probl_dif_Cult_22



Examples  of Accepted  Topics of Essayes  2020 for your Inspiration

  1. Ege Kayra Akten: Golden Ratio and It’s History.
  2. Abdullah Abdullah: Patterns in Pascal´s Triangle.
  3. Leonid Burbygin: History of Development of Fractals and their Usage.